With the specification of TOML 0.4.0 a new release of our parser is available

Posted by vĂ­ctor on March 7th, 2015

The specification 0.4.0 of TOML is out with new features such as literal strings or inline tables. In consecuence, a new release of our parser is available with a complete support for the latest specificaction:

  • Allows underscores in numbers.
  • Inline tables.

Changes produced in our parser since the specificaction 0.2.0:

  • Multiline strings.
  • Literal strings.
  • Multiline literal strings.
  • Date format updated.

TomlBuilder has support for literal string:

use Yosymfony\Toml\TomlBuilder;

$tb = new TomlBuilder();
$tb->addValue('literal', '@<\i\c*\s*>')

Literal strings must begin with '@'. This character indicates to TomlBuilder that the string must be trated as literal.

There is a chat room on Gitter for talking about this library.

Enjoy it!


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