Log files for human beings

Posted by VĂ­ctor on August 17th, 2016
Photo by ExeterAnna

At development time it's important to understand what is occurring inside your code to take appropriate actions. At that moment, debugger and logger tools have an importan role to play. Log files are a huge stream of text thought for computers instead of human beings that, sometimes, it tough to work with those.

Ok, we get to the point. EasyLogHandler is a human-friendly Monolog handler written by Javier Eguiluz. It's optimized to display the log information in a clear and concise way. This handler is ideal for dev environments.

Below, an example of output: An EasyLogHandler output example

The output text is more suitable for you and me. You can see there are not many marks of timestamps because in dev environment you shouldn't care about that.

To conclude this post, I'll say that sometimes we forget that we coding for humans because machines only understand binary code. Writing a readable code is important. In case of log files in certain environments, is important to keep that concept in mind.


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